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Logistics in automotive is difficult, everything must fit together
We care about the entire integration of the supply chain. We deliver not only partial solutions, but the entire business concept – Supply Chain Management (SCM). We can integrate a variety of components and ERP solutions.


In the beginning there was only a green meadow. The SAPE Bohemia company had been delivering two parts to car manufacturers until recently: fuel tanks and exhausts. Few people and a simple IT system were enough to manage it. Then the requirement for assurance of sequential deliveries of twelve products came. Layout came in August, testing was in November and first deliveries were launched in December. Implementation of such a large project went in parallel with the construction of the hall.
haly. It was a warehouse management, EDI communication and delivery management. All integrated in one comprehensive solution. Warehouse management system along with JIT says how to rearrange and send parts from deliveries. EDI communication manages connection of partners. Together it works in real time.
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The system has, thanks to the connection to EDI, an overview of parts that are in stock and that are to be delivered. In communication there is used a number of formats that the system must be able to read. All messages are transmitted in an encrypted form.



Awareness about the exact stock status

Finding the stock status is easy. Components are issued exactly in pieces and there is no problem to find any specific item.

Personal savings

Running a sequential process without errors on 12 parallel working places would require without system like this one a lot of people.

Easy and efficient warehouse management

The DCIx WMS warehouse management system is able to maintain maximum capacity of the warehouse, optimizes goods issuing, and workload of employees.

Reduction of complaints

Number of wrong deliveries or defective parts is lower, reducing thus of the risk of fines from the customer.


JIS (sequencing) and WMS (warehouse management) is in one application. Both modules work with the same data and it is necessary to manage only one system.

Flexibility of solution

The client sends a large number of change requests. Modifications in the original system would be programmed with a high risk of errors, which is not admissible for JIS supplies.


Readiness for various car manufacturers
PotDo you need to be ready to supply various car manufacturers? We know the requirements for JIT of different manufacturers and we have ready-made templates based on which the deliveries can be carried out.

Deliveries just in time
The DCIx JIT delivery management system manages the deliveries in the desired sequence directly to the assembly lines of car manufacturers. System ensures the accuracy of the module, their order in the container as well as the order of containers in a truck. System applies a number of control points starting by preparation of the parts with the use of mobile barcode scanning or RFID tags to ensure error-free process.

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In automotive industry we are at home

AKT, Alfmeier, Aisin, Asmo, Continental Automotive, Denso, Dongwon, Dura, Faurecia, Fremach, Futaba, Grupo Antolin, Hanil E-hwa, HP Pelzer, Henniges, IAC Group, Koito, KYB Manufacturing, Lear Corporation, Magna, Matador, Mitas, PHA Czech, RF, Rieter, Robert Bosch, Soliver, TI Automotive, Tokai Rika, Toyoda Gosei, Worthington, ZF, Johnson Controls.

Rollout management

We are able to implement solutions successfully in other branches and to convince the parent headquarters on the benefits and advantages when they decide for us. An example is the WMS solution in plants of the Johnson Controls, Lear Corporation, TI Automotive companies.

24/7 Support

The automotive industry is highly demanding segment. Production should not stop and suppliers must be able to constantly respond to current and changing requirements of car manufacturers. If needed, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond within an hour.

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