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Management of a warehouse is not easy and it is better to leave it to the electronic brains
Warehouse management can be done intuitively. You need only a person with good memory and a piece of paper with a pencil. Those most progressive ones even use Excel. Do you really think so? Really effective management can accelerate a warehouse by tens of percent! Warehouse workers and operators should not think about what to pick up sooner or later. It makes a computer for them. This saves time and money and avoids mistakes.


The Aimtec company has helped to improve warehouse management in the plant of the PEPSICO company in Vysočany, Prague. The project lasted six months and was not easy. New logistics processes and new system were implemented. Number of program changes and extensive development work were performed. The company has multicultural environment and this also does not facilitate the task. And it was necessary to start the system in full operation in a continuous three-shift production!

How did it start? Pepsi global management was looking for a solution how to effectively manage warehouse in Vysočany plant. The Aimtec company was successful in tender with its SappyWMS solution that works on the platform of SAP ERP.
Main requirements:

Compliance with FIFO and FEFO - recommendation of products automatically as required
Error-free expedition - online information and control of standards observance
Optimization of warehouse utilization - information for better decision making

Pepsi warehouse management is based on the handling units. Each item has its number, which is monitored together with a number of data (lot, expiration date, date of manufacture, quantity, package definition). Each movement is monitored by barcode readers and nothing is missed. Replenishment and dispatch were improved and stocktakings have become a piece of cake now. The total annual cost savings in storage and handling of goods reached 2.4 mil. CZK. It was worth it! Do you want to know the end of the story? We implemented another warehouse of the PEPSICO company in Teplice nad Metují and we will look at the foreign plants in Malacky in Slovakia and even in Soroksár in Hungary!


Increasing of the capacity

The system for warehouse capacity closely monitors capacities and is able to better utilize and increase the storage capacity by up to 60%. Alignment of goods is like Tetris for this system. For any human, it is a horror, though!

Quick training of warehouse employees

A warehouse system is like our mom when we were kids. It says what to do and when. New people will be quickly trained and when someone gets sick, it is easy to replace him/her.

Increase of throughput

Mission: Masterfully placing the items and taking into account product deliveries and withdrawals beforehand so that the operators have always the shortest path. Warehouse throughput can be increased by up to 30%.

Better use of space

Each warehouse has hidden opportunities to make better use of it. No matter whether it’s up to technique or calculation, it is very useful!

Better traceability

From receipt, through production to dispatch, nothing is left to chance. Everything can be traced back and customer audits are as easy as pie.

Reduction of the costs of stocktakings

Monthly and cyclical stocktakings are as quick as lightning and are cheaper by up to 80%. Comparison of the status of a specific part or the entire warehouse is fast, accurate, without unnecessary work around.

Reduction of the number of complaints

The system knows what is where and minimizes errors. Therefore, you know that the customer always gets what has been ordered. Complaints are not only extra work, but they also harm the reputation of the company! The parts can not go onto the assembly line of a car manufacturer in a different order. And we know it, because we help car manufacturers with such things.


All related processes are important.
Managers in distribution warehouses know that everything is connected to everything. Therefore, many more processes must function properly in a warehouse than is obvious at a first glance. We want that everything fits together. It’s not just to implement IT, but also to advise how the whole system should work.


Solve the sources of problems, not the symptoms.
If the processes are set incorrectly, even the best technology will not help. Therefore, we focus on solving problems.

What about a little ride? We helped SAPE with car parts.
To the world of engines!

Most warehouse projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

PEPSICO, KOH-I-NOOR, Outdoor Concept (Hannah), Sportisimo, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka, Pivovary Staropramen, Lobkowiczký pivovar, CEVA Logistics, Martek Medical, Adler and others.

Solutions for SAP and other platforms

Have you SAP in your company? We will manage the warehouse through this system, using our SappyWMS solution built on the SAP ERP platform. You have got a different information system? It does not matter. We will implement the DCIx WMS logistics solution which will be closely integrated with your ERP.

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