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The role of a production manager is to manage. He/she should have enough materials for planning and undisturbed concentration. Of course, he/she should know who does what and what the state of production orders is. He/she can not be everywhere at once
and cloning does not solve the problem yet. The MES system has succeeded in resolving this rebus. Maybe it thwarted the plans of genetic engineers, but let us be reasonable – managers are not guinea pigs!

Let us stop cloning!
If you tend towards efficiency rather than to clone experiments, you are at the right place! You need a quality tool to get an overview of production. MES is like a quality Swiss knife. It offers more functions in one package.


MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems are systems capable to manage production processes and to provide data for productivity increase. Systems communicate with machines, record the labour and produced work pieces or collect data necessary for reports creation and monitoring efficiency of the production process. For example, in the KBA-Grafitec company we have integrated our system to existing ERP. The biggest change was the transfer of responsibility for recording production events directly to workers.
Manufacturing spaces and warehouses are equipped with stationary terminals for registering performance and production efficiency (orders, operations, times, workers, working places). Some workers also use mobile terminals for continual registering of material flow. All operations are monitored through barcodes. They guarantee accurate input for various registering levels.

Key requirements:

obraz3Accurate and timely data for production and purchases planning
obraz2Overview of order status
obraz1Overview of production equipment utilization and time efficiency of workers

Simple “three-click” data inputs by operators, with the possibility of immediate use after two-hour training


On the basis of produced pieces write-offs you have an overview of work in progress at individual workplaces and of completion deadlines. You can create more accurate production plan and you know that you can rely on it. You know exactly when and what to purchase.


The system records complete history of production and production processes – who worked when and on what job, what material was used, or conditions under which a particular piece was manufactured. These types of information are important in cases of any production quality complaint.


Production status can be displayed on any office computer, on a large-screen display directly in production hall, or on a smart phone during a business trip. All data are collected in real time and the overview of entire production is up-to-date and valid in any moment.


Monitoring of downtimes, their causes, and the most critical reasons that are reducing utilization of machines. Overview of working time efficiency and allocation of bonuses can be based on real work done.


Material is automatically ordered for a particular workplace and replenishment takes place in accordance with actual needs of current production.


Be successful as MESsi
Just as no one can clone one of the best football player in the world so your managers can not be cloned by waving a magic wand. This is the role of the MES systems. With their help you will have an overview of current situation, but they also open the way for building and changing processes e.g.  production planning and warehouse control.


The machine engineering company wanted to monitor production efficiency and work of employees on particular orders and working places. Now the operations managers of this company can have accurate information from production sites. Thanks to it they are able to set order completion dates more precisely, flow of detailed information to management has been accelerated, and also the productivity of workers in production has been increased.


The aim of the leading manufacturer of electric drives and traction motors for trolleybuses, trams, locomotives, subway and mining vehicles was to identify downtimes in production, to visualize the current production plan and to record work on production orders. Thanks to the MES system implementation the management has accurate overview of production status, production process has been accelerated, and work efficiency of employees has been increased.


This global manufacturer of tyres with its seat in Prague implemented an MES system in order to be able to collect technological data from production in its US branch. The system collects real-time data from vulcanization presses and processes them in tabular and graphical forms so that monitoring, evaluating and verifying quality of final products from the place that is geographically remote would be possible. Thanks to these data the Czech management can closely monitor production process and optimize it effectively.


European manufacturer of packaging materials chose an MES system for its plant in Germany in order to increase efficiency of production machines through production data collection. Now, thanks to this option, the company management can closely monitor data from production and work with them subsequently. In addition, employees now have less paperwork and they can better focus on the real work.


German, family-owned group of companies, producing components for trimming and complete interior of vehicles, is using an MES system to monitor technological operations on critical parts related mainly to the installation of airbags. The MES system enables monitoring of all manufacturing operations and quality criteria for given parts. The project also includes integration to the SAP system. Implementation will take place in 10 sites around the world.


Japanese manufacturer of components for automotive industry received from the Faurecia company, its customer, a request for labelling and traceability of parts in production. The customer requested printing a label onto each product directly in production process in order to clearly identify each piece produced. Benefits of the MES system implementation were meeting the customer requirements, ensuring absolute traceability and quality control.

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